MegaFloat IFR

The Storagetech MegaFloat Block Panel Type Internal Floating Roof (IFR) is designed for installation inside fixed roof storage tanks. As a Full Contact Floating Roof, it has no gaps, which minimizes emissions and prevents vapor accumulation. What sets MegaFloat apart from other Internal Floating Roofs is its elimination of vapor space between the roof and the product, preventing the buildup of hazardous fumes. This design makes MegaFloat a more reliable option compared to other Internal Floating Roofs on the market.

The Megafloat IFR, designed by Storagetech’s engineering team, aims to eliminate evaporation within the tank and provide optimal safety, unlike other IFR types. Constructed from aluminum or stainless steel, it remains unreactive with any chemicals. This IFR, featuring a box-like buoy with air inside, is considered the most robust option in terms of fire resistance due to rigorous testing at every stage. Since it maintains full contact with the product inside the tank, it can smoothly move up and down along with the product’s lowest and highest levels, thanks to the seals on its sides.


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