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Foam Bladder Tank

  • Foam Bladder Tank

ERGIL Storagetech™ foam bladder tank is a steel pressure vessel, which is designed as per NFPA FIRE CODE NO: 11 LOW EXPANSION FOAM SYSTEM STANDARDS. Material is chosen as per ASME sec.VIII div.1. This steel pressure vessel stores a foam concentrate contained within an elastomeric bladder. Water pressure helps concentrate to supply pressurized concentrate to the proportional. Storagetech® bladder tanks can be manufactured vertical and horizontal type and various capacities.

Product Benefits

Easy to install. You do not need a special tool or experience to install

Water pressurized bladder design helps to reduce the requirement for foam pumps or other energy sources

Corrosion resistant material

Bladder tank is enamel paint or coated with an epoxy finish for use in marine or corrosive environments

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