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Rim Seal Foam Pourer

  • Rim Seal Foam Pourer

Model Number 1021 - Storagetech™ Rim Seal Foam Pourer (RSFP) is designed to prevent any potential risk for fire and vapor suppression for external floating roof storage tanks by its optimized and unique engineering capability. The RFSP allows the system discharging fully aspirated foam directly to the annular seal area of the open top floating roof storage tanks. 

Features & Benefits

Two sizes are available

Uniform high quality foam production

Ragged and optimized construction

Flow range between 50-712 L/min

Durable in harsh environment

Wind protection allows all foam to be carried out in the sealing area

Inlet and Outlet covered to prevent dust, dirt and bird entry.

Operating Pressures from requested psi (2.1 bar to 10.3 bar and more)

UL listed Foam Maker Assembly

No welding needed for mounting.

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