Oil & Gas Bulk Storage

Storagetech has over 40 years of vast experience in oil & gas construction, equipment manufacturing and engineering. With our environmentally friendly emission control products, we help our customers to reach their decarbonization targets. We help customers achieve highest performance by providing the most economical, safest  and sustainable products during their asset and operations lifecycles. We have accomplished work for 17 of the top 20 petroleum companies, over 200 refineries, major oil fields, and mega pipeline projects.

Oil & Gas Bulk Storage 11

Some of our products and services;

  • Process equipment; separators, filters, and coalescers.
  • Static equipment; pressure vessels, storage tanks, thermal fluid heaters and heat exchanger.
  • Storage tank emission control & safety; storage tank aluminum dome roofs, internal floating roofs, seals, floating suction units, flame arresters, pressure vacuum relief valves.
  • Air pollution control; wet packed scrubbers, absorbers, odor control units, and bio scrubbers.
  • Industrial Silencers; inline vent silencers, buffers, exhaust silencers.
  • Pipeline integrity; pig launcher & receivers , surge vessels.

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