Storagetech is one of the rare companies that provide more than 100 products with various specifications.Chemical industry is one of the most important industries for Storagetech. We are very well aware of the challenges and opportunities that industry faces. More and more companies are focusing on environmental, and social ways of doing business with ambition to tackle climate change challanges. We are here to help our customers working to reduce greenhouse gasses (GHGs) and helping to safeguard life on our planet. In this competitive landscape, we are focusing on ways to provide cost effective, quality products to the industry.

We are experts in chemical processes, heating and bulk storage.

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Our main products are;

  • Air pollution control; wet packed scrubbers, absorbers, odor control units, and bio scrubbers.
  • Process equipment; separators, filters, and coalescers.
  • Static equipment; pressure vessels, storage tanks, thermal fluid heaters and heat exchanger.
  • Storage tank emission control & safety; storage tank aluminum dome roofs, internal floating roofs, seals, floating suction units, flame arresters, pressure vacuum relief valves.

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