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To a Cleaner Process
with Storagetech’s Solutions

Storagetech’s air & gas absorbers/scrubbers are designed with the aim of the
best custom-made solution for the highest protection.


To a Cleaner Process
with Storagetech’s Solutions

Storagetech’s air & gas absorbers/scrubbers are designed with the aim of the
best custom-made solution for the highest protection.

Air & Gas Absorbers / Scrubbers

We will listen to you to understand your specific needs and provide you with a customized solution that meets your requirements and budget. Don’t hesitate to request a quote from us for your Air & Gas Absorbers / Scrubber needs.

Storagetech™ Air & Gas Absorbers / Scrubbers

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Why Storagetech Air & Gas Absorbers/Scrubbers?

Liquids stored interact with some gases by their nature and trap these gas content as well as dust and particles. As a result of the combination of pressure, temperature, chemical and physical interactions are resulted in performance losses, deformations and irreversible damages in process system. In order to prevent these undesired results, it is necessary to prevent harmful gases, dust and particles should be kept away from the liquid. This is why it is important to protect especially degassed, pure and cleaned liquids to protect from these contaminants with the help of air & gas absorbers. These harmful gases and particles must be captured. A gas scrubber is a cleaning installation whose main function is to neutralize harmful components in industrial air or waste gas streams, for example to prevent fumes that have an irritating effect or cause odor nuisance.

The gas and particle capturing methods are to determined product specific. According to provided basic technical data and info such like, liquid type, operation temperature and pressure, total storage tank capacity, number of turnovers during year are enough to determine the product material, cartridge and filtration type as well as cartridge replacement time.

Storagetech is a global manufacturer of Low-Pressure-Drop Air & Gas Absorber which especially structured with new innovation for all storage tanks that may interact with various gases, which some of them are seriously harmful. It is important for industries such like, utility systems, power generation, semiconductors and pharmaceuticals having strict legal requirements. Alongside with its high engineering capacity, Storagetech is capable to provide required absorption systems and to satisfy mentioned industry needs. Storagetech Air & Gas Absorbers are equipped with replaceable MMHasso Filter cartridges that contain cells and particulate filters. Storagetech designs and manufactures Low-Pressure-Drop Air and Gas Absorber to remove gases from the airflow during emptying and filling of storage tanks and already exist gases inside of the storage tank in addition to outstanding suction capacity and increased surface area of 99% of the unwanted gases are absorbed to ensure the highest quality system operation.

StorageTech Air & Gas Absorbers/Scrubbers are always ready for your emission control and safety solutions. You are one step closer to make the right choice.

Top-quality “Air and Gas Absorbers/Scrubbers, Dryers, and Odor Control equipment” at competitive prices? Our company specializes in manufacturing and exporting a wide range of premium-grade equipment designed to effectively absorb gases, scrub air, dry substances, and control odors. We ensure that our products meet the highest standards while remaining cost-effective.

Whether you need efficient odor control solutions or reliable gas absorption equipment. Contact us today to learn more about our extensive product range and take advantage of our unbeatable prices!

While natural carbon dioxide emissions have an important place in the functioning of the world, the release of unnatural carbon gases causes great harm to the environment. The effects and consequences of emissions, most of which are caused by human-induced activities, are very harmful to the environment. Storagetech’s CO2 absorbers and Scrubbers product range reduce these emissions. This is why our product is also environmentally.
HEPA, which stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air, is a designation used to describe
filters that are able to trap 99.97 percent of particles that are 0.3 microns. This filtration system is used by our Storagetech’s CO2 absorbers and Scrubbers. These HEPA filters can also be easily extracted for cleaning and replacement.

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