Hydrogen is considered as the energy of the future. Industry is concentrating on ways to find low carbon hydrogen production and storage. Industry needs companies like us to tackle these challenges. Hydrogen industry plays a significant role for Äager. We believe in a smooth energy transition and help industry leaders to find solutions for their products and services. Our R&D spends significant time to develop new production methods to support our customer to reach world’s carbon neutral goals. Energy transition is at the core of our global strategy, creating long-term value for our clients, and stakeholders.

Our activities:

Storagetech designs and manufactures various kinds of engineered to order, customized pressure vessels and ancillary equipment for the hydrogen industry. Those vessels are being used for production, process and storage.

Hydrogen 11

Some of our products helped customers for;

  • Special hydrogen compressor packages,
  • Industrial hydrogen production plants,
  • On-site industrial hydrogen generations plants,
  • Hydrogen on-site fueling systems
  • Pipeline & storage tank hydrogen generation
  • Flame arrestor for hydrogen gas applications

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