CO₂ Storage Tank Vent Absorber

Model No: 1500

Storagetech’s Storage Tank Vent Absorber, model no 1500, is equipped with additionally replaceable MMHasso™ Filter cartridges that contain cells and particulate filters. With its new design, the model 1500, is more accessible and compact.


Both the outer casing and filter system of Model 1500 are designed in a cylindrical way. The unique Storagetech design created by our talented R&D and engineering team will ensure customers:

  • Prevents humidity.
  • The pollutant (unwanted) gas filtration reduces pollution by up to 99%.
  • Remove corrosion effects.
  • Various chemicals can be absorbed in one unit at the same time.
  • The filter basket can be easily replaced in minutes.
  • Specially designed for the usage of the top of the tank and on the ground.
CO₂ Storage Tank Vent Absorber 14

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