End-of-line, with Automatic Opening Hood, Deflagration Flame Arrestor

Model No:312

Storagetech Flame Arrestors ( End-of-line, with Automatic Opening Hood) are passive devices that prevent the propagation of a flame or fire from entering into an opening in a pipeline or vessel discharging flammable vapor. As different from model 310, Model 312 end of line flame arrestor’s weather hood is designed to react to fire instantly thanks to its fusible link, which is melted during the fire and lets the weather hood release the gas/fire into the atmosphere.

The flame cell, under normal operation, allows the free flow of vapor, although it does introduce some additional pressure loss that must be considered in the design of the system. This deflagration flame arrestor is suitable for quenching subsonic flames and should be located at the end of a pipeline or exit from a vessel. It should be installed in the horizontal plane and is not for use with pressure relief valves or pressure-vacuum relief valves. A weather hood and screen protect the vent and restricts dust, wind, rain, or insects from entering and degrading the efficacy of the product.

The unit is supplied with an earth point, copper tag, and cable. Its cap has a special opening mechanism, which allows opening automatically after a certain time and temperature, so that heat generated by the flames is released to the atmosphere without being transferred to the product. The cell can be removed for cleaning or replacement purposes.

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