ADR Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve

Model No: 160

Storagetech ADR Type Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve is designed and produced especially to protect the tanks and adjust their inner balance by letting the pressure in and out regularly.

ADR means, “European Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road” and Storagetech designs special pressure vacuum relief valves according to that agreement. Our first priority is always your safety and we are following related international standards. Our ADR Type PVRV is designed for the vehicles and tanks that carries dangerous goods and the all possible scenarios are considered by our experienced design and engineering teams. They are used for the Group 3 liquids.

For the 2 sizes ADR type pressure vacuum relief valves (2″ and 2.5″), we use stainless steel (316 L) and we add value to the steel. With our last technology equipment to process the stainless steel, we are obtaining satisfied results. At each part we prioritize to obtain long life and useful products, and we are promising the best outputs in this manner.

Storagetech ADR Type Pressure Vacuum Relief Valves are elaborately designed with the consideration of harsh conditions that dangerous goods carrying vehicles can meet. For this purpose, sample products are tested in various ways. They are tested under different pressure values and different temperatures (-20 to +60 degree) Sample products are also exposed to tightness test.


Design Pressure 2.18 – 3.75 – 4.40 – 7.33 bar
Ambient Temperature -20 °C ≤ T ≥ +60 °C
Standart Size 2.5 inch Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve and 3 inch Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve
Body Material SS 316 / Stainless Steel
Internal Material SS 316 / Stainless Steel
Connection Type Pressure vacuum relief valves are manufactured in accordance with ASTM and DIN norms in with the usage area of the customer


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