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Storage Tank Vent Odour Filter

  • Storage Tank Vent Odour Filter

Storagetech Model 1400 Odor Vent is offer a solution for your industrial environment with utilising special filtration systems for strong, nuisance odors due to evaporated gases. Storagetech Odor Vent is developed to absorb un-desired odours from your zone continously.

Storagetech offers a special filtration products according to your system requirements. The odor absorption filters is specially designed and manufactured depend on the stored medium, ambient condition, working pressure & temperature as well as the equipment size. Storagetech Odor Vent filtering system provides %98-%99 efficiency for removing the off-odours from your industrial environment.

Storagetech Odor Vent can be manufactured from any kind of applicable / corrosion resistant material such as aluminium, stainless steel, carbon steel, etc. according to your system requirements. It can be combined either with Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve or free vent.

Our Filters are mostly used for the mediums as biological sulfur, ammonia, mercaptans, sulfides and other Volatile Organic Compuonds(VOC). VOC’s are the most common air pollutant mediums. They are catogorised as Aliphatic and Aromatic hydrocarbons. Having higher vapor pressure VOCs cause higher air pollution rates.

Storagetech has specified the best filtration systems and turnkey solutions for your air zone according to environmental policies since years. We are honored to contribute to you with our specially designed products in accordance with the needs of our customers.

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