Horizontal, in-line, detonation flame arrestor

Model No: 321

Storagetech’s Model 321 In-line Detonation Flame Arrestor (also called flame arrester or fire arrestor) is designed for installation in gas pipelines. Detonation occurs when a flame traveling through the pipeline reaches supersonic velocities, usually as a result of the pipeline configuration or pipeline surface roughness. Changes in gas density and pressure cause the flame velocity to metamorphose from subsonic to supersonic.

The flame quenching element is designed to be three or four times the area of the pipe in which it is installed, and is assembled between two flanged reducing spools. The element comprises a tightly rolled scroll or scrolls of crimped stainless steel ribbon to form passages through which the vapour passes. The area of each passage determines the level of protection that the element provides. Storagetech’s Model 321 In-line Detonation Flame Arrestor has a maximum experimental safe gap (MESG) as per the standard and is suitable for gas groups IIB and IIA.

The detonation flame arrestor is more robust than the deflagration flame arrestor, and contiguous scrolls have smaller MESGs to withstand higher pressures and to quench detonations. It should be installed in the pipeline where there is a significant distance between the unit and the potential source of ignition.

The unit is supplied with an earth point, copper tag and cable. Temperature sensor can be provided upon request. The element can easily be removed for cleaning or replacement.

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