Lightweight, End-of-line, Deflagration Flame Arrestor

Model No: 314

Storagetech’s lightweight end-of-line deflagration flame arrestors are designed for installation at the end of a pipeline or on an atmospheric vent from vessels where flammable gases or vapours may be present. As different from the other products in the range, this flame arrestors provide lightweight with economical solutions.

The working principle of the 314 models is basically that it cooled the combustion products at the element surface by heat dissipation during an atmospheric deflagration. This process eliminates a potential situation by preventing the combustion process from traveling into the protected vent line.

Gas purging of equipment, sample lines, and instrumentation lines are the areas of application for this type of flame arrestor. The connection points of this product provide both types male and female. The female connection includes a keyhole for ease of assembly. The type also restricts dust, wind, rain, or insects from entering and degrading the efficacy of the product.

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