High Velocity Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve

Storagetech’s innovative High-Velocity Pressure Vacuum Valve (also called High-Speed Pressure Vacuum Relief Vent or PVV), Model Number 170 is a safety device that reduces evaporation in cargo tanks. It is designed to prevent over and under pressure in the tank atmosphere. Thus, when air pressure exceeds the preset setting of the pressure vacuum vent, the pallets open, depart the seal between the seal and pallet, and expel any excessive positive pressure. Moreover, they are typically mounted to a flange or pipe, which connects the vapor space of a cargo tank. In this respect, the ventil can be set to your specifications so that the pallet assemblies in the housings open when specific pressure and vacuum levels are reached. Storagetech cargo vents work automatically. As opposed to the open tank free venting system, it controls the cargo tank venting system.

Storagetech High-Velocity Pressure Vacuum Valves are designed specifically for tough offshore conditions. The valve body and internals are made of completely stainless steel ss 316 material that minimizes the corrosion effect. The highly technical design helps smooth functioning during sailing. The special loaded magnet design keeps the set pressure at the required setting and opens immediately releasing the vapor high above the ship’s surface. This jet-releasing mechanism avoids any vapor collection on the surface of the ship and creates a safe operation. Storagetech High-Velocity PVV can safely operate up to -25ºC and the manual lifting handle helps to break the ice on both the pressure and vacuum sides.

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