Drain System

Model No:800

Storagetech Swivel Joint Roof Drain System – Model 800 is especially applicable to external floating roof storage tank in order to drain the rain water. With the correct material selection, it is suitable for all kinds of stored products.

Swivel Joints feature a sophisticated design and construction that includes modular construction suitable for a wide range of applications. Swivel joints are the vital part of the system and used for execute swiveling movements or slow rotary movements at the same time. Swivel Joints are designed for special storage tank internal equipment such as floating suction units, drain systems, and oil skimmers. However, different models are available for various applications. ERGIL swivel joints are available in carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Sizes are ranging from 2” to 40” usually sealed with PTFE but can be modified as per the application and stored product type.

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