Vertical, in-line, deflagration flame arrestor

Model No: 300

Storagetech’s Model 300 Vertical In-line Deflagration Flame Arrestor (also called flame arrestor or fire arrestor) is intended for pipeline installation close to the source of any potential ignition source by minimizing flame speed and the development of an explosive pressure.

The flame quenching element is designed to be three or four times the area of the pipe in which it is installed, and is assembled between two flanged reducing spools. The element comprises a tightly rolled scroll or scrolls of crimped stainless steel ribbon to form passages through which the vapour passes. The area of each passage determines the level of protection that the element provides. Storagetech’s Model 300 In-line Deflagration Flame Arrestor has a Maximum Experimental Safe Gap as per standard and is suitable for gas groups IIB and IIA.

Under normal operation, the flame element allows the bi-directional flow of air and flammable vapour, however, it introduces additional pressure loss, and this must be considered in the design of the system. If a fire or ignition occurs external to the equipment and ignites the flammable discharge, the flame arrestor will quench the leading fire by absorbing and dispersing the heat as it passes through the element.

The unit is supplied with an earth point, copper tag, and cable. Periodically the cell can be removed for cleaning or replacement.

The Model 300 deflagration flame arrestor is suitable for quenching subsonic flames and should be mounted in the vertical plane, close to the source of any potential ignition. It is suitable for use with any of Storagetech’s Pressure Relief, and Pressure-Vacuum Valves, and should be installed on the inlet to the Pressure Relief unit.

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