Air & Gas Absorber for Storage Tank Valves

Model No: 1200

Storagetech’s model 1200, Storage Tank Vent CO2 (Carbon dioxide) Absorbers are equipped with replaceable MMHasso™ Filter cartridges that contain cells and particulate filters.

Storagetech designs and manufactures low-pressure-drop CO2 scrubbers and absorbers to remove CO2 gases from the airflow during the emptying and filling of storage tanks and also the already existing CO2 inside of the storage tank. Storagetech CO2 scrubbers and absorbers which are particularly designed with new technology, are used for condensate, demineralized water tanks, and other storage tank vents.

The most common design is the use of a 4-stage asymmetric structure active filtration principle in which MMHasso™ Filter cartridges are embedded inside the filter media. CO2 Scrubber & Absorbers are mounted on the breather valve of the tank. It cab be placed either on the top of the tank or on the ground. The CO2 filtration effectiveness of up to 99% empowers a high caliber of demineralized water.

MMHasso™ Filter for Demineralized Water Tank Vents is to be introduced at the breathing vent to avert CO2 entrance into the DM water stockpiling tank. The aim is to maintain the full removal of CO2 from the outer sources. The most common way of measuring very low ionic impurity levels in ultra-pure water is conductivity and resistivity analysis. Demineralized water is usually exposed to air from CO2, which increases its conductivity and gives the appearance of a pollutant in water. The CO2 Scrubber for DM Tanks allows you to maintain your pH and low conductivity of demineralized water. Contingent upon the CO2 focus in the approaching air, the water conductivity can be expanded to ~ 0.8-1.5 suS/cm.

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