Manhole Cover (Quick opening type)

Model No: 410

Storagetech’s Manhole Cover has a variety of uses within the petrochemical industry, farming, storage, and general manufacturing. It has applications in industrial tanks, mobile and stationary storage vessels, mixing tanks, large diameter conveyors, and bulk containers.

The Manhole Cover with model no 410, is a flange-mounted unit that allows the loading of powders, pellets, and liquids. During this process, the product also provides access for cleaning the empty vessel. The hinged cover has an ‘O’ ring seal and is latched down with a locking-screw to prevent unauthorized access. It is installed in the vertical plane at the top of the vessel.


Sizes 10” to 30”
Flanges API Class 150 RF, DIN PN16
Body Carbon steel, 316 stainless steel, cast aluminium, cast iron
Seals Nitrile, Viton

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