Foam Bladder Tank

Storagetech foam bladder tank is a steel pressure vessel, which is designed as per NFPA FIRE CODE NO: 11 LOW EXPANSION FOAM SYSTEM STANDARDS. Material is chosen as per ASME sec.VIII div.1. This steel pressure vessel stores a foam concentrate contained within an elastomeric bladder. Water pressure helps concentrate to supply pressurized concentrate to the proportional. Storagetech® bladder tanks can be manufactured vertically and horizontally types and in various capacities.

Product Benefits
  • Easy to install. You do not need a special tool or experience to install
  • Water pressurized bladder design helps to reduce the requirement for foam pumps or other energy sources
  • Corrosion resistant material
  • The bladder tank is enamel painted or coated with an epoxy finish for use in marine or corrosive environments.

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