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Basket Strainer Filter

  • Basket Strainer Filter

Ergil Storagetech Model 550 Oil Basket Strainer is located on any size pipeline to filter the unwanted particles and keep it in the basket strainer. ERGIL Storagetech designs and manufactures strainers for oil, gas and steam applications in various types; such as Y type strainers, and T type strainers. Basket filter is designed as per customer process requirement and manufacture with stainless steel material. It can be easily removed, cleaned, replaced, if required. Filter body comes with bolted type closures. We can provide quick opening closure with interlocking mechanism as per the customer requirement. This provides easier and quick access, and extra safety. ERGIL Storagetech basket strainers can be manufactured as per ASME, EN, or GOST in addition to customer specific requirement. It can be provided with ASME U Stamp or without any Stamp. ERGIL is capable of manufacturing basket strainers up to 300 bar.

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