Pontoon Type Internal Floating Roof

Storagetech is a leading provider of pontoon-style internal floating roofs that fully adhere to API 650 standards. These floating roofs are the most cost-effective option available in the market. Storagetech’s internal floating roofs help reduce evaporation losses for stored products such as jet fuel, gasoline, diesel, and crude oil, and are available in either aluminum or stainless steel. In addition to the economic benefits, Storagetech’s floating roofs also contribute to environmental protection by preventing the release of toxic gases into the atmosphere. The company also manufactures in-house floating roof seals.

In summary, the 2000m hair profile involves placing a float beneath a sheet to cover the product’s surface within the tank, creating a floating barrier.

Looking for top-tier internal floating roof solutions for your oil and gas storage needs? Our expertly crafted pontoon type internal floating roofs are designed to enhance safety and efficiency in your operations.

Whether you require an internal floating roof tank, a pontoon tank, or specialized floating roof solutions, we’ve got you covered. As leading floating roof suppliers, we pride ourselves on delivering premium quality products at competitive prices. Trust us for your tank internal floating roof needs, and experience the difference that top-notch engineering can make in your industry.

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